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Daniel Kinoshita is a licensed marriage and family therapist with special emphasis on helping couples navigate relational challenges
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“ Overdate is the Act of Dating your Partner on a regular and continuous basis in order to keep the Romance, Adventure and Love alive, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and for the rest of your life”.
Daniel Kinoshita

Daniel Kinoshita

Daniel Kinoshita is a licensed marriage and family therapist with special emphasis on helping couples navigate relational challenges. He holds numerous degrees and is currently a doctoral student at North Central University. Born and raised in California, Daniel served in both the US Army and Army Reserves. He continued that dedication to service by being a Chaplain for the VFW in 2020. Daniel is a proud Japanese-American with strong ties to many communities in his area.

Daniel decided to combine his experience with a lifelong love for creative writing. Overdate is his first book. When not working or writing, Daniel loves spending time with his wife of over three decades and their pets, Flash and Teddy. If it were up to him, he’d be on a cruise ship every day, writing his next great book. Daniel enjoys fishing and has a strong faith in God and family. If just one couple finds the passion in their relationship again he will consider his work a success.

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